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In this article we only talk about those tanks which are currently in service. We will not cover any tank of history or future, we cover only and only those which are currently in service with Indian Army. Indian Army use three tanks :-
1. Arjun
2. T-72
3. T-90
Among these only arjun is endogenously designed and developed other two T-72 and T-90 are imported from Russia. Tanks plays an vital role in the battlefield and many time in the history tanks change the face of war. With change in time tanks also changing with a fast pace, Tanks adapting new technologies and modern equipment to counter enemy in the battlefield.
Arjun is the first main battle tank which is developed and designed endogenously by the state owned defense manufacturing company DRDO and manufacturing of this tank is undertaken by Heavy Vehicles Factory, Manufacturing cost for one Arjun mk1 is 559 Million INR. Arjun is the third generation battle tank and an upgraded version of Arjun mk2 is also in its final developme…

HAL LCH :: India’s Own Apache Attack Helicopter

HAL LCH is an Attack Helicopter designed and developed endogenously by state owned defense manufacturing company HAL { Hindustan Aeronautics Limited}. HAL LCH is the derivative of another indigenous helicopter HAL DHRUV { DHRUV is designed for MILITARY and CIVIL OPERATIONS like VIP TRANSPORTATION}. LCH is designed for HIGH ALTITUDE OPERATIONS , that why it become the first ATTACK helicopter in the WORLD who made successful Landing and Take OFF at the world’s highest battleground SIACHIN GLACIER. HAL LCH is a 5.8 ton attack helicopter and it is powered by TWO ENGINES namely Shakti {shakti engine is assembled by HAL in India}, HAL Dhruv is also powered by the same engine and the performance is excellent. HAL LCH empty weight is 2250 kg where as fully loaded with weapons weight is 3800 kg. HAL LCH not only offer a good amount of fire power modern equipment’s but is also cost much much cheaper then most of the attack helicopter in the world { LCH unit cost is around $18-20 million.

TEJAS :: India’s Small Bird In Sky

Tejas is the second fighter aircraft developed by India, First one is HAL MARUT which is the fighter aircraft in whole Asia who go beyond the TEST PHASE. But after Marut HAL is not able to develop fighter due too many reasons, one is lack of funds and many failures in development of different fighters. With of all good bad times of HAL, Tejas took its first flight in 2001 and it was introduced in AIR-FORCE in 2015 after 14 years of its first flight. It took a lot time in its development. Tejas is a multi role, single engine, light weight aircraft developed ADA and HAL to replace IAF aging fleet of MIG 21’s. HAL also developed a naval version of Tejas which can Land and Take off from a AIRCRAFT CARRIER. Tejas is the smallest aircraft in its category in the world due to its size its hard for too many radars too catch its presence because due to its small size radars show it like a bird which is ignorable. India is moving step by step towards becoming an indigenous defence industry. I k…

What Kind Of Weapons Do INDIA Export To Other Countries?

When we heard name INDIA in the world of arms market we only think that India is the country who only import its Defense equipment from other countries. Yes India import its Defense equipment but now time changing now a days India also started not  only to manufacture some of its Defense needs but also exporting them to other countries like VIETNAM, OMAN, AFGHANISTAN many more… {around 22 countries importing Defense equipment from INDIA} and the number is keep on increasing. India has ranked 28th in the list of arms exporters. India has not been an major export player of major Defense equipment’s it only export some equipment’s , accessories, and military gadgets. INSAS Rifle Insas is the first Defense equipment with which India debut in the field of arms exporter of the world. Insas firstly  is exported to countries  like Nepal and Oman. But this first inning of India in Defense export world is not that much successful because later Nepal army started complaining about the weapon lik…

INS VIKRANT :: India’s Own Indigenous Aircraft Carrier

INS Vikrant is the first Aircraft Carrier which is designed and developed Endogenously in India. It is designed by Directorate of Naval Design of the Indian Navy. INS Vikrant is the first Aircraft Carrier going to built under Vikrant class, there are plans to develop two Aircraft Carrier under this class, One is Vikrant Aircraft Carrier and another one is INS Vishal which will built in Future. Both  Aircraft Carrier will construct by Cochin Shipyard limited. First Aircraft of this class will fill the gap that come after retirement of INS Virat. Firstly INS Vikrant is developed as Project 71 ADS { AIR DEFENSE SHIP} but later the plan was changed to IAC { Indigenous Aircraft Carrier} for Navy. INS Vikrant displaces 40000 tons {comes under medium size aircraft carrier category} and is of 262 meters. INS Vikrant uses STOBAR { Short Take Off but Arrested Recovery} with a Ski JUMP Configuration. INS Vikrant is powered by FOUR GE LM 2500 gas turbines with Shafts which generates 80 MW of pow…


HAL RUDRA an armed version HAL Dhruv is also known as ALH-WSI (weapon system integrated) developed by HAL (Hindustan Aeronautic Limited). It is designed to meet the requirement of Indian Army and Indian Air-Force. HAL Rudra is the first attack helicopter designed and developed endogenously in India. HAL Rudra is currently service in Indian Army, First helicopter is handed over to army in Feb 2013 at Aero India Show.  ARMAMENT HAL Rudra is equipped with a set of weapons from gun to missiles to rockets. A 20 mm turrent gun is mounted on its chin which has a range of 2 km who can fire 750 rounds in one minute. HAL can be  equipped 8 Helina Anti-Tank guided missiles or 4 MBDA short range Air-to-Air missiles. It also has four 70 mm rockets pods. HAL also developing a naval version of HAL Rudra which will be equipped with 2 Torpedoes or depth charges and 2 Anti-ship missiles. With all its armaments this helicopter become one of the deadliest attack helicopter in the world. AVIONICS  HAL Ru…


In this article we will cover about all those planes weather they are  helicopter, or fighter fighter jets that are designed and developed by India. This article will not cover made in India {Su-30 Mki designed by Sukhoi and manufactured by HAL} but it will only cover Designed and Developed in India. Lets begin 1. HAL TEJAS HAL Tejas is a single engine, single seater, multi-role fighter aircraft which developed and designed endogenously for IAF and NAVY. Its design work is done by ADA { Aeronautical development agency} and manufactured by HAL { Hindustan aeronautics limited}. Primary of this fighter is Indian Air-force. Tejas indigenous content are 59.7 % as per the statement of minister of defense Subhash bhamre in the parliament. Tejas is 4.5 generation fighter aircraft which will replace the aging fleet of MIG’s in IAF. Tejas competitors are F-16{America}, JF-17{Pakistan+China},SAAB Gripen, and other single engine fighter also competitor of Tejas. HAL Tejas is the lightest and sma…