HAL LCH :: India’s Own Apache Attack Helicopter

HAL LCH is an Attack Helicopter designed and developed endogenously by state owned defense manufacturing company HAL { Hindustan Aeronautics Limited}. HAL LCH is the derivative of another indigenous helicopter HAL DHRUV { DHRUV is designed for MILITARY and CIVIL OPERATIONS like VIP TRANSPORTATION}. LCH is designed for HIGH ALTITUDE OPERATIONS , that why it become the first ATTACK helicopter in the WORLD who made successful Landing and Take OFF at the world’s highest battleground SIACHIN GLACIER.
HAL LCH is a 5.8 ton attack helicopter and it is powered by TWO ENGINES namely Shakti {shakti engine is assembled by HAL in India}, HAL Dhruv is also powered by the same engine and the performance is excellent. HAL LCH empty weight is 2250 kg where as fully loaded with weapons weight is 3800 kg. HAL LCH not only offer a good amount of fire power modern equipment’s but is also cost much much cheaper then most of the attack helicopter in the world { LCH unit cost is around $18-20 million.

HAL LCH come with two seat {PILOT and Co=PILOT}  configuration just other attack helicopter of the world. LCH crew compartment is armor protected against 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm heavy machine gun. LCH engine exhaust is protected by infra red suppressor and digital camouflage which reduces its heat signature.


20 mm chain gun has been integrated in LCH which has a effective range of 2 km. It has total four hard points to carry various combinations of weapons including 70 mm FZ Rocket Pods, Missiles :: MBDA air-to-air missiles and Helina missile too. It is capable to destroy its targets whether they are in AIR, or on LAND. LCH can deployed against enemy tank to perform anti-armor role, for which eight Helina missile to destroy enemy tank and four Mistral missile air-to-air  for defensive purpose.


HAL LCH is a wonderful machine, always it prove itself its in THAR desert or SIACHIN GLACIER highest battlefield in the world. LCH has top speed of 268 km/hr. MAXIMUM RANGE of LCH is 550 km with weapons. Its Endurance is 190 min or 3 hour 10 min. Rate of climb is 12 m/s. During different tests it reach different speed but it never exceed speed of 330 km/hr.


LCH is integrated with DATA LINK, which allow Network-Centric Operations by facilitating the transfer of mission data to other platforms. It can transfer mission data to Airborne and ground based platforms. LCH has integrated target acquisition and designation system comprises of a CCD camera, Forward Looking Infrared {FLIR} Infra Red Imaging Sensor, Laser Rangefinder and Laser designation to target in all weather condition, these sensor  operated by helmet mounted sight. Different type of systems are also installed in LCH to protect and to provide early warning to pilot and co-pilot are Radar Warning Receiver {RWR}, Laser Warning Receiver {LWR}, Missile Approach Warning {MAW}.


  1. Counter Surface Force {CSFO}
  2. Destruction of Enemy Air Defense Operations
  3. Escort To Special Heliborne Operations
  4. Support of Combat Search and Rescue operation
  5. Armed Aerial Scouting Duties
  6. Counter-Insurgency Operation
  7. Slow-Moving Aerial Targets

HAL has got 179 LCH order from IAF AND INDIAN ARMY both. IAF has ordered 65 and Army ordered 114. There are some assumption in market that number must increase in future. Some UNOFFICIAL reports state that SriLanka ordered a number of 20 LCH to HAL but these reports are not confirmed yet. Defense ministry also in talk with several unidentified south African countries too. Many possibility are there for Export of LCH because it offer modern technology at cheap rate which play a significant role in its export.
HAL in recent years doing a fabulous work in the field of defense sector and it is growing day by day. LCH will set a bench mark and create history.


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