HAL RUDRA an armed version HAL Dhruv is also known as ALH-WSI (weapon system integrated) developed by HAL (Hindustan Aeronautic Limited). It is designed to meet the requirement of Indian Army and Indian Air-Force. HAL Rudra is the first attack helicopter designed and developed endogenously in India. HAL Rudra is currently service in Indian Army, First helicopter is handed over to army in Feb 2013 at Aero India Show. 


HAL Rudra is equipped with a set of weapons from gun to missiles to rockets. A 20 mm turrent gun is mounted on its chin which has a range of 2 km who can fire 750 rounds in one minute. HAL can be  equipped 8 Helina Anti-Tank guided missiles or 4 MBDA short range Air-to-Air missiles. It also has four 70 mm rockets pods. HAL also developing a naval version of HAL Rudra which will be equipped with 2 Torpedoes or depth charges and 2 Anti-ship missiles. With all its armaments this helicopter become one of the deadliest attack helicopter in the world.


HAL Rudra is integrated with SAAB Integrated Defensive Aids  System, Elbit compass suite for reconnaissance and target acquisition, RWS-300 Radar approaching sensor, LWS-310 Laser Warning Sensor, MAW-300 Missile Approach Warning sensor,Radar warning receiver, IR jammer, Flare and chaff dispenser, Helmet pointing system, Electronic warfare suite, Electro Optical Pod, Video and Data Recorder, Doppler navigation, Night vision goggle ( NVG), Dual Flight Controls, First Indian attack helicopter who has Automatic Flight Control System.


HAL Rudra is powered by two shakti engine which is manufactured locally by a state owned company HAL who is also the manufacturer of the helicopter. These two engines {each engine produce power of 1000 kw} help the helicopter to reach its maximum seed of 290 km/hr with a combat radius o 320 km. HAL Rudra ferry range is 827 km and its rate of climb is 10.3 m/s.


HAL Rudra’s length is 15.87 m and its rotor diameter is 13.20 m, height is 4.98 m. Rudra’s empty weight is 2502 kg and max. take off weight is 5500 kg. HAL Rudra can carry 14 passenger in this way it perform the role of transportation of troops from one place to other and it can also play role of ambulance because it can carry 4 stretchers in same time which means it has decent space.


Idea of attack version of HAL Dhruv come from Indian Army while they a testing HAL Dhruv and in DEC 1998 this idea is officially approved by the govt. India army said that they do not need any type of structural change but helicopter must be integrated with weapons (because of this WSI name given to this helicopter which means WEAPON SYSTEM INTEGRATED) which help Indian army to get a attack helicopter with less time. HAL Rudra can be deployed for a wide range of missions including reconnaissance, troop transport, anti-tank warfare and close air support. The first prototype of Rudra take its flight in 2007 and completed its all trial of firing from gun to missiles to rockets done in 2011. In 2012 ground tests for the first production Rudra were completed which carry turrent gun, air-to-air missiles and air-to-ground missiles.
In 2012-13 Indian Navy also tried there hands in this helicopter and they found it capable of coastal surveillance operations.Navy was suppressed by the sensors of the Rudra that they are capable to track ships from 12-14 km. The quality of the sensors is that much good that it can show the name of the ships in that range. Navy will order 20 this type Helicopter in near future.
Til today a total number of 30 HAL Rudra has been produced by the HAL. HAL is a contract with Indian Army to deliver 60 Rudra for the army aviation corp. ( flying division of the army ), Army will form 6 squadron of Rudra in the Army aviation corp.  and IAF ordered 16 Rudra. Rudra is capable of landing at the world’s Highest battlefield Siachin glacier, most of the world’s best helicopter are not able to even reach Siachin glacier.