INS VIKRANT :: India’s Own Indigenous Aircraft Carrier

INS Vikrant is the first Aircraft Carrier which is designed and developed Endogenously in India. It is designed by Directorate of Naval Design of the Indian Navy. INS Vikrant is the first Aircraft Carrier going to built under Vikrant class, there are plans to develop two Aircraft Carrier under this class, One is Vikrant Aircraft Carrier and another one is INS Vishal which will built in Future. Both  Aircraft Carrier will construct by Cochin Shipyard limited. First Aircraft of this class will fill the gap that come after retirement of INS Virat.
Firstly INS Vikrant is developed as Project 71 ADS { AIR DEFENSE SHIP} but later the plan was changed to IAC { Indigenous Aircraft Carrier} for Navy. INS Vikrant displaces 40000 tons {comes under medium size aircraft carrier category} and is of 262 meters. INS Vikrant uses STOBAR { Short Take Off but Arrested Recovery} with a Ski JUMP Configuration.
INS Vikrant is powered by FOUR GE LM 2500 gas turbines with Shafts which generates 80 MW of power (1 MW can light up 650 Residential Houses). This much of power help  the Aircraft Carrier to reach its maximum speed of 52 km/hr (that is 28 kn). INS Vikrant has a Range of 15000 km (8000 miles).
In 2003 govt approved this plan to build Indigenous Aircraft Carrier with our own technology and with made in India products. INS Vikrant manufactured with High Strength Steel supplied by SAIL Steel plant Bhilai, Rourkela, and Durgapur, with assistance  of DRDO and Steel authority of India so that standards can be maintained to world class. INS Vikrant is the biggest warship to manufactured in India. Work on this Warship is in two phase, first phase is till its launch in 2010 and second phase will cover till its delivery to Indian Navy. Two countries are helping India in this project Italy and Russia. Italy providing assistance for propulsion system integration and Russia providing aviation technology.
India have a long experience of operating Aircraft carrier so he know which type of fighter he need for its Indigenous aircraft. INS vikrant is designed in such a way that MIG-29k can be operated easily, it will deploy up-to 30 fixed wing Aircraft. Other than MIG there are several other combat aircraft also deploy on INS vikrant like SEA HARRIER, Naval version of TEJAS, NAVAL VERSION OF HAL DHRUV, Ka-31 helicopters. Ka-31 will provide airborne early warning coverage and Sea Harrier will provide Anti Submarine Capability.

INS not only have a strong air group to destroy enemy but it also have a good defense system which is a mix up of different weapons like Four OTOBreta 76 mm Rapid guns, Barak 1 and Barak 8  surface to air missiles others weapons are AK-630 and CIWS. SENLEX RAN-40  early warning system. This Aircraft Carrier  will also feature jamming capabilities.
As china increasing its influence in Indian ocean and the world power order is changing India need to be prepared for the future threats. India has a vast sea Area which it need to protect and INS Vikrant like aircraft help India in it. INS Vikrant will be inducted in Navy by 2023. By then it will increase the power of Indian Navy and help to maintain balance of power in Indian Ocean. With the Induction of INS Vikrant India will enter into elite group of countries who has technology to manufacture a Aircraft Carrier.