In this article we will cover about all those planes weather they are  helicopter, or fighter fighter jets that are designed and developed by India. This article will not cover made in India {Su-30 Mki designed by Sukhoi and manufactured by HAL} but it will only cover Designed and Developed in India. Lets begin
HAL Tejas is a single engine, single seater, multi-role fighter aircraft which developed and designed endogenously for IAF and NAVY. Its design work is done by ADA { Aeronautical development agency} and manufactured by HAL { Hindustan aeronautics limited}. Primary of this fighter is Indian Air-force. Tejas indigenous content are 59.7 % as per the statement of minister of defense Subhash bhamre in the parliament. Tejas is 4.5 generation fighter aircraft which will replace the aging fleet of MIG’s in IAF. Tejas competitors are F-16{America}, JF-17{Pakistan+China},SAAB Gripen, and other single engine fighter also competitor of Tejas. HAL Tejas is the lightest and smallest fighter jet in its category.
2. HAL Rudra

HAL RUDRA an armed version HAL Dhruv is also known as ALH-WSI (weapon system integrated) developed by HAL (Hindustan Aeronautic Limited). It is designed to meet the requirement of Indian Army and Indian Air-Force. HAL Rudra is the first attack helicopter designed and developed endogenously in India. HAL Rudra is currently service in Indian Army, First helicopter is handed over to army in Feb 2013 at Aero India Show. Til today a total number of 30 HAL Rudra has been produced by the HAL. HAL is a contract with Indian Army to deliver 60 Rudra for the army aviation corp. ( flying division of the army ), Army will form 6 squadron of Rudra in the Army aviation corp.  and IAF ordered 16 Rudra. Rudra is capable of landing at the world’s Highest battlefield Siachin glacier, most of the world’s best helicopter are not able to even reach Siachin glacier.
HAL Dhruv is multi role, twin engine helicopter which is designed and developed endogenously by HAL {Hindustan Aeronautics limited}. It can be used by both civil and military operations like transportation of personnel and also play role of an ambulance. HAL Dhruv is powered by two Shakti Engine which assembled by HAL in India. These engines are cost efficient. One Dhruv costs around 40 crore Indian rupees. Its top speed is 282 km/hr.


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