What Kind Of Weapons Do INDIA Export To Other Countries?

When we heard name INDIA in the world of arms market we only think that India is the country who only import its Defense equipment from other countries. Yes India import its Defense equipment but now time changing now a days India also started not  only to manufacture some of its Defense needs but also exporting them to other countries like VIETNAM, OMAN, AFGHANISTAN many more… {around 22 countries importing Defense equipment from INDIA} and the number is keep on increasing.
India has ranked 28th in the list of arms exporters. India has not been an major export player of major Defense equipment’s it only export some equipment’s , accessories, and military gadgets.
  1. INSAS Rifle
Insas is the first Defense equipment with which India debut in the field of arms exporter of the world. Insas firstly  is exported to countries  like Nepal and Oman. But this first inning of India in Defense export world is not that much successful because later Nepal army started complaining about the weapon like heating problem and jamming, but deny this complain of Nepal by saying that we also use same Insas we are not facing any such type of issue with this Rifle.
Cheetal is the re-engined version of the cheetah helicopter. Compared to the 560 km of the Cheetah Helicopter, Cheetal has a range of bout 640 km. Cheetal helicopter can used for personnel transport, evacuation, reconnaissance and Ariel survey. It is also capable of operating in the high altitude areas. Afghan pilots and technicians have been trained on the choppers that are suited for operations from high level altitude areas as well as difficult terrain and unprepared landing areas. Cheetal helicopter can cruise at its top speed 192 km/hr for 3.50 hr. Indian Army use cheetal helicopters in the areas of LEH near to china border.

Dhruv is the multi-role helicopter developed by state owned company HAL. It is used by Army, Navy, Air-force and Cost-guard too. HAL Delivered these helicopter to Ecuador, Maldives, Mauritius, Nepal for military purpose and to Turkey and Peru for civilian use. Dhruv helicopter is HAL’s own developed shakti engine.
Indian Company{MKU} based in Kanpur, U.P. exports bulletproof jackets and ballistic helmets to over 100 countries and its products are used by many NATO countries also like US, UK, FRANCE, ISRAEL and many other. MKU is now supplying bulletproof jackets and ballistic helmets to Indian army also. In Afghanistan many time product of this company many life of NATO soldiers you can search different stories of different soldiers who tell you about these company’s product save their life. This shows that India is making world class product too.
Recently India signed an agreement with Myanmar  navy to supply Advanced Light Torpedo Shyena for $37.9 million. Shyena is the first ingenuously developed light weight anti-submarine torpedo. Shyena is manufactured by BHARAT DYNAMICS Ltd. L&T.
India does not sell big but its provide services to different in different like from training to maintenance. Different countries get different services according to their needs like India exports Avionics for Malaysia Su-30 mkm and spares for their MIG fleet too. India buy Su-30 and MIG from Russia but it export spare for MIG and SU-30 to Russia. Oman also get spare for its jaguar fleet form India not only India also provide assistance to many Countries like Afghanistan, Nepal, Maldives, Mauritius and many more.
Yes you heard it right, INDIA export warship of world class standard at such a cheap rate. Among three parts of MILITARY : ARMY, NAVY and AIR-FORCE, INDIAN navy is the only one who promote lots of make in INDIA products that’s  why now INDIA is able to make a such a warships in which many other countries showing their keen interest. GRSE is one the company who not only warship for INDIA but also for friendly nations too. Recently GRSE built MCGS Barracuda warship which is a part of $58 million deal with Mauritius. India has gifted several warships to smaller Indian ocean countries such as Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius. India also sold vessels like Sukanya class OPV that now serves as the Lankan Navy’s Flagship


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