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AH-64 took its first flight in September 1975. From 1975 to 1984 its manufacturing is under taken by Hughes Helicopters then after 1984 to 1997 it is manufactures under the banner of McDonnell Douglas and after 1997 to present it is manufactured by Boeing defense, space and security. From its first production to present more then 2000 AH-64 Apache of different for different nation built by different manufacturer at different time. It is primarily used by four Armed Forces around who have AH-64 in big numbers namely UNITED STATES ARMY, ISRAELI AIR FORCE, EGYPTIAN AIR FORCE, ROYAL NETHERLANDS AIR-FORCE. AH-64 has a variety to offer to its customers according to their needs each variant cost different, AH-64A $20 million , AH-64D $33 million, and the third one is AH-64 E $35.5 million. AH-64 E is the most advanced version of Apache attack helicopter series, and recently India also ordered 22 Apache AH-64 E for $1.4 billion.  Apache AH-64 E is first pure attack helicopter that I


Fighter aircraft a vital in the security of any nation. A country with superior have an edge on its opponents, and have more chances to win a war. Today we discussed about the Top Ten Military fighter Aircraft who rule in sky. It is based upon the Aircraft specifications , Technology, Armament fit and performance. 10. SU-30 MKI Su-30 MKI is two seater, twin engine, multi-role , Air superiority fighter whose NATO reporting name is Flanker-H. Su-30 MKI is developed by Russia's Sukhoi and its manufacturing is done India by HAL { Hindustan Aeronautics Limited } with some imported parts from Russia. India also done some modification in it with integration of some other nation technologies, according to its needs. There are 14 suppliers for Su-30 MKI from six nations which makes it more advanced because it is made up of all advanced technologies from around the world. Su-30 MKI is the India version of Su-30 and it is unique in this world. Somehow it compete with all modern je

Dhanush :: Indian Version of Bofors

This year in march finally Indian Army received the first batch of Artillery gun which is  endogenously designed, developed and manufactured by Ordinance Factory Board. Name of this artillery gun is Dhanush but it is also known as Desi Bofors. Dhanush is based upon the same platform of Bofors which India bought from Sweden in 1980's, and in kargil war Bofors played the role of game changer and help to gain upper hand on Pakistani who are hiding in big mountains and taking advantages. Dhanush is based upon Bofors but it is far better then of  its Sibling. In 2018 Dhanush completed its all trials and its full phased production started in 2019. Indian army ordered 114 Dhanush Artillery gun. One Dhanush manufacturing cost is around 14 crore INR. Till now only 6 Dhanush manufactured and delivered to Indian army. Dhanush will deployed along with Pakistan and China border. It will provide support to ground troops in war situation. MADE IN INDIA FIGHTER JETS Dhanush i


In this article we will cover those jets which are manufactured in India weather it is assembled in India or originated in India, we will cover different type of jets from trainer to fighter jets. 1. Su-30 MKI Su-30 MKI is an variant of Russian fighter Su-30 which is used by Indian Air-force as an main fighter jet. It is manufactured by HAL under the licence to manufacture this jet locally. Indian version of su-30 is integrated with different nations technologies { technologies from Israel, South Africa, India, France} which makes it more lethal weapons. Su-30 MKI is an multi-role twin engine Air Superiority fighter jet. For manufacturing of one Su-30 MKI is $50 million. 2. HAL TEJAS HAL Tejas is endogenously developed and designed by HAL and ADA for Indian Air-force and a navy version of this aircraft is in its development stages soon it will be completed. Tejas is the one of the lightest and smallest single engine multi-role fighter  jet. LCA program is started