Fighter aircraft a vital in the security of any nation. A country with superior have an edge on its opponents, and have more chances to win a war. Today we discussed about the Top Ten Military fighter Aircraft who rule in sky. It is based upon the Aircraft specifications , Technology, Armament fit and performance.

10. SU-30 MKI

Su-30 MKI is two seater, twin engine, multi-role , Air superiority fighter whose NATO reporting name is Flanker-H. Su-30 MKI is developed by Russia's Sukhoi and its manufacturing is done India by HAL { Hindustan Aeronautics Limited } with some imported parts from Russia. India also done some modification in it with integration of some other nation technologies, according to its needs. There are 14 suppliers for Su-30 MKI from six nations which makes it more advanced because it is made up of all advanced technologies from around the world.

Su-30 MKI is the India version of Su-30 and it is unique in this world. Somehow it compete with all modern jets that are currently available in this universe. It has abilities similar to the Su-35 which is one of the advance Fighter of Russian Forces. One Su-30 MKI cost $52 million.

Su-30 MKI is powered by two Al-31FB Turbojet engine which help this aircraft to reach its maximum speed of 2 mach. Su-30 MKI have Air to Air missiles, Rockets, Air to Surface Missiles, Anti ship missiles, Anti radiation missiles, Bombs and 30 mm GSh-30-1 gun. Su-30 MKI is more powerful with world fastest cruising missile that is Brahmos.


F-15 E Strike Eagle is an american two seater,  multi-role, strike fighter, Long Range, High speed interdiction, Close to Air support, . It was developed in 1980's. F-15 E seen in many wars around the world and prove itself with the positive results, F-15 E is seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and many more.

F-15 E is powered by two F100-PW-220 After-burning turbofans which helps it to achieve its maximum speed of 2.5 Mach. F-15 E Armaments is full of Air-to-Air missiles, Air-to-Surface missiles, Bombs, 20mm M61A1 Vulcan canon.

8. Dassault Rafale

Dassault Rafale is an french 4th generation twin engine, Multi-role Aircraft it is able to perform different in different condition like Deep Strike, Reconnaissance, close to air support, Combat operations and other stuff too. Rafale is designed and developed by Dassault Aviation. Rafale is packed with different weapons and it is one of the most dangerous fighter jet in the world. It prove itself in different grounds like Afghanistan.

Rafale is powered by two snecma M88-2 Turbofans which help to achieve its maximum speed of 1.8 mach. Rafale have good collection in its armaments from Air-to-Air missiles, Air-to-Ground, and Rafale is capable to carry nuclear warheads, Rafale also have 30 mm GIAT auto-cannon with 125 rounds.

There are four Currently of Rafale as of now French Air Force, French Navy, Egyptian Air Force, Qatar Air-force. Rafale is available in three variants 1. Rafale C single-seater, 2. Rafale M carrier based Single seater, And 3. Rafale B twin seater.

7. BOEING F/A 18

F/A 18 Super hornet has proved itself in as combat strike fighter offering next generation multi-role strike fighter capabilities. F/a 18 is twin engine, carrier capable striker { F/A-18 E/F}. The super Hornet has 20 mm M61 rotary Cannon, Air-to Air missiles ans also has Air-to-Surface missiles, provide support to ground troops, also have various number of smart weapons . F/A-18 is designed by McDonnell Douglas. F/A-18 took its first flight in 1995 and its mass production started in 1997. Currently there are only two primary user of this F/A-18 fighter aircraft one is United state navy and other one is Royal Australian Air-force. One unit of F/A-18 cost $70.5 million.

F/A-18 is powered by two General electric F414-GE-400 turbofans which produce enough power by which it achieve its maximum speed of 1.8 mach. F/A-18 performed very well in Different war like Iraqi freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and War in Afghanistan.

6. SUKHOI Su-35

Su-35 is the upgraded version of Su-27, Su-35 is most advanced fighter in the fleet of Russian Air-force. Su-35 is the 4++ generation fighter jet which have some capabilities of fifth generation fighter jet. Dissolution of Soviet union, Sukhoi re-designed the aircraft as su-35 to attract export orders. China and Indonesia are the two countries who placed order for this Fighter jet. Su-35S  unit cost is $40-$65 million. Su-35 is production by Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association and designed by Sukhoi Design Bureau.

Su-35 is powered by two Saturn AL-41F1 After-burning turbofans which help to achieve its maximum speed of 2.25 mach. Su-35 has 12 hard-points which allow this aircraft to carry 8000kg of payload.  Su-35 arsenals is mix of Rockets, Air-to-Air missiles, Air-to-Ship, Air-to-surface missiles, Anti-radiation missiles, Bombs, and 30 mm Gryazev-Shipunov GSh Auto-cannon with 150 rounds.


Euro-fighter is one the modern fighter jet currently in the world. It is not developed  by single country, a group of European come together form an alliance { Euro-fighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH who is the manufacturer of this aircraft too} in 1986. NATO Euro-fighter and Tornado Management agency is the prime customer of this Aircraft and also  Euro-fighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH is managed by  NATO Euro-fighter and Tornado Management agency.

Euro-fighter Typhoon is powered by two Euro-jet EJ200 After-burning Turbofans which produced that much of power which help this aircraft to achieve 2 mach of maximum speed. Euro-fighter Typhoon arsenals is mix of Rockets, Air-to-Air missiles, Air-to-surface missiles, Bombs, 27 mm Mauser BK-27 Revolver Cannon with 150 rounds, and 3 drop tanks, sniper Advanced Targeting Pod. Euro-fighter have advanced avionics like Euro-radar Captor Radar, Passive Infra-Red Airborne Tracking Equipment, Praetorian DASS.


Su-57 is the only Stealth Aircraft which came from Russia, its development is under process since 2002. Su-57 is Stealth, single seat, twin engine multi-role fifth generation fighter jet which is developed for Air Superiority. Su-57 have Super-cruise, Super-maneuverability, and advanced Avionics to overcome the older generation fighter jets as well as ground and naval defenses. Su-57 also can be used for spying due to stealth technology.

Su-57 is powered by two Saturn AL-41F1 engines which helps Su-57 to achieve its maximum speed of 2.2+ mach. Su-57 arsenals is mix of Rockets, Air-to-Air missiles, Air-to-Ship, Air-to-surface missiles, Anti-radiation missiles, Bombs and 30 mm Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1 Auto-cannon. Su-57 took its first flight in 2010 and currently in testing phase. It is expected to enter in service by this year and it will replace the 4th generation fleet of Su-27. Su-57 unit will be $50 million. Primary user of Su-57 are Russian navy and Air-force.


Chengdu J-20 is the Chinese fifth generation fighter jet. J-20 is single seater, twin engine, all-weather, Air-Superiority  fighter aircraft developed by China's Aerospace Corporation for the Peoples's Liberation Army Air Force. J-20 is third operational fifth generation fighter in the world, J-20 took his First flight in Jan 2011 and entered in service with Peoples's Liberation Army Air Force in 2017. J-20 unit cost is estimated in 2016 is $30-$50 million for fly away condition jets.

J-20 is powered by two AL-31FM2 Turbofans which produced that power which help to achieve maximum speed of 2+ mach. J-20 Armaments include Short-range, Medium Range, BVR long range, Long Range, Precision guided bomb. J-20 have latest avionics.


LOCKHEED MARTIN/BOEING F-22 RAPTOR is the american single seater, twin Engine, all weather, Air Superiority Also have Ground attack, Electronic warfare and Signal intelligence capabilities Stealth fighter developed for the United States Air-force. F-22 took its first flight in 1997. One unit cost of F-22 Raptor is $150 million. F-22 Raptor is Developed from Lockheed YF-22 And its manufacturing done by  Lockheed Martin Aeronautics , Boeing Defense and Space and Security.

F-22 Raptor is powered by two Pratt and Whitney F119-PW-100 turbofans which help to achieve its maximum speed of 2.25 mach. Due to its very high cost and ban on its export for security reasons, only 187 aircraft built. F-22 arsenal have 20 mm gun with 480 rounds, Air-to-Air load-out, Air-to-Ground mission Load-out. F-22 has one of the most advanced avionics that are currently available in the world.


Lockheed Martin is the only Fifth generation jet which is used by multiple countries. F-35 is one of the most expensive military project { program  cost $1.508 trillion} in the world that why there are several countries involved in this project from NATO Allies to Some close Allies. F-35 is the single seater , fifth generation multi-role combat aircraft which is designed for ground attack and air- superiority. F-35 is developed by Lockheed Martin with many sub-contractors from several countries. F-35 took its first flight in Dec 2006 and till now there are 400+ F-35 operational around world and more are coming because the demand of this aircraft is very high. It will replace the aging fleet of F-16 in US air-force and F-18 fleet of US navy. US have plan to buy 2,663 F-35s.

F-35 is powered by one Pratt and Whitney F135 Turbofan engine which produce enough power by which it achieve its maximum speed of 1.6 mach. Due to its modern Avionics and Modern Armaments from different countries are of latest technology This aircraft become one of the dangerous fighter jet in the World