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HAL AMCA :: India's Own Fifth Generation Fighter Jet

As the world is moving fast and China developed its own Fifth generation fighter which is operational now. India has its own concern for its security. Indian Air-force fleet is depleting at a very fast pace. India is in need of at least 42 Squadron to defend itself on Two front war, IAF is not able to manage that much of active squadron. India has a long track record of dependence on its foreign allies for its security equipment's, but recently India Developed its own light combat aircraft Tejas which is best in its class. With the success of Tejas India has some big future plans, one is they want to develop Tejas MK2 which will be a higher variant of Tejas, Tejas Mk2 will be a twin engine, two seater more powerful and comparable to other main stream fighter jets around the world. Plans for Tejas mk2 seems possible but India really has some big planes, INDIA WANT TO DEVELOP ITS OWN FIFTH GENERATION FIGHTER. Only Russia, China, USA has this suspicious technology to develop this