HAL AMCA :: India's Own Fifth Generation Fighter Jet

As the world is moving fast and China developed its own Fifth generation fighter which is operational now. India has its own concern for its security. Indian Air-force fleet is depleting at a very fast pace. India is in need of at least 42 Squadron to defend itself on Two front war, IAF is not able to manage that much of active squadron. India has a long track record of dependence on its foreign allies for its security equipment's, but recently India Developed its own light combat aircraft Tejas which is best in its class. With the success of Tejas India has some big future plans, one is they want to develop Tejas MK2 which will be a higher variant of Tejas, Tejas Mk2 will be a twin engine, two seater more powerful and comparable to other main stream fighter jets around the world. Plans for Tejas mk2 seems possible but India really has some big planes, INDIA WANT TO DEVELOP ITS OWN FIFTH GENERATION FIGHTER. Only Russia, China, USA has this suspicious technology to develop this high tech. India want to join this Elite Group. It seems Impossible for country who recently developed its own first jet which is powered by imported engine from General Electric. But we must remember India is known for its surprises and low cost programs like its Mars Mission.

HAL AMCA is an Indian  program name to develop its own fifth generation fighter jet. Its design process undertaken by ADA { Aeronautical Development Agency} and DRDO { Defence Research and Development Organisation}, when its design process will be completed manufacturing will be undertaken by HAL { Hindustan Aeronautics Limited}.  HAL AMCA is a single seat, twin engine, all weather stealth multi-role fighter. In 2010 IAF asked ADA to make a report on 25 ton stealth fighter and asked for first prototype flight can take of by 2025? After completeion of study ADA need 9000 crore |INR for this project, with which different technologies are developed and atleast seven prototype to manufacture. It is expected that first Indian stealth will make it maiden flight by 2032. HAL AMCA initially fly with two GE-414 engines but later these engines going to be replaced by endogeniously developed engine KAVERI, which is in its development stages.


1. Intercepting
2. Strike
3. Super cruise
4. Bombing
5. Ground Attack

HAL AMCA will have the ability to super cruise , and a list of next generation Air-To-Air missile, Air -To-Ground and Air-To-Ship missiles. Currently HAL also developing Tejas MK2 which is powered by two engines, this project on hand in Time, If this Tejas mk2 is successful then experience with development of twin engine Tejas, will HAL to develop HAL AMCA.


HAL AMCA armaments includes a wide variety of weapons 23 mm GSh-23 cannon gun, * hardpoints in Stealthy Configuration, 12 maximum Hardpoints id non stealth load, aircraft is mounted with Astra missile for long range, Python 5 for all short range targets and Vympel R-73 short or visual range combat missiles.

Protection and self repair

AMCA will boost capabilities such as Self-protection and self-repair with the help of self-diagnosing and self-healing by distributing the work load to other system from affected to non-affected system. Protection would be provided with the use of Nanotechnology to produce advance composite materials to withstand higher resistance to damage and therefore reducing the damage surface area. Chairman of DRDO D.r. V.K Saraswat confirmed that aircraft will use Self Repairing Flight Control Capability”, will be used in the aircraft to automatically detect failures or damage in its flight control surfaces, and using the remaining control surfaces, calibrate accordingly to retain controlled flight. said by chairman of DRDO.

Propulsion and Avionics

AMCA is a twin-engines aircraft which is powered by 2X GTRE k9 + or K 10 engine that can capable of producing 11-Kn-125Kn thrust each.The aircraft has a maximum take off weight is 29 tonnes:2 tonnes of internal weapons and 4 tonnes of internal fuel.It can achieve maximum speed of 2.5+ Mach (2665 + Km/h) at altitude and Mach 1.2 at sea level and have a cruise speed of Mach 1.6 at supercruise.The AMCA would have range of 2800 km and climb at the altitudes @ 13,716m/min.

HAL AMCA will help India to fight two front war and it allow India to enter in the elite group of nations who has capability to develop their own stealth fighter and it will help India's Power.