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HAL LUH :; India's Own Light Utility Helicopter

HAL LUH { LIGHT UTILITY HELICOPTER} is a single engine designed and developed by HAL. HAL LUH took its flight on 6 September 2016. It is developed to meet the demand for Indian Airforce and Indian Army because of ageing fleet of cheetah and chetak. LUH is a new generation helicopter in 3 ton class with all modern features. LUH is powered by single HAL\Turbomeca Shakti Turboshaft engine with range of up to 500 km {range with payload is 350 km} and payload capacity up to 500 kg. Helicopter is equipped with Glass cockpit , SCDS { Smart Cockpit Display System} , along with a skid-based landing Gear Arrangement. HAL LUH will be capable of flying at the speed of 220 kmph, service ceiling of up to 6.5 km, maximum take off weight of 3150 kg. HAL LUH has two pilots and six passengers seating capacity and it has capacity of carrying cargoes of up to 1 ton underslung. HAL LUH is able to carry out various type of missions like EMS { Emergency Medical Services }, Troop Transport, Utility , Se