MIG 29 K is a 4+ generation SuperSonic  Carrier based variant of MIG 29. MIG 29 K is a Frontline multi role fighter aircraft developed by Russian MIKOYAN Design Bureau. MIG 29 K operated from the only Aircraft Carrier of Indian Navy INS VIKARMADITYA. Currently Indian Navy is the primary user of MIG 29. Indian Navy operates two variants of MIG 29 one is MIG 29 k which is a single seat variant and other is MIG 29 KUB which is two seat variants. In MIG 29 k's airframe is made of composite materials which help to reduce its radar signature by 4-5 times than of basic MIG-29. MIG 29 k is also capable of buddy refueling with other MIG 29 k using PAZ-1MK refueling pod.

MIG 29 k is euipped with in flight refueling equipment so that refueling can be made from both Russian and foreign tanker aircraft. MIG 29 k is also chosen for INS Vikrant home grown aircraft carrier for Indian Navy. MIG 29 k has a folding wing and a remote control system. MIG 29 k is designed to provide air cover to Aircraft group and destroy sea and ground surface targets.


MIG 29 k is powered with two Klimov RD-33MK afterburning turbofan engines which produce 88.3 kN with afterburner. RD-33 MK produce more power then of RD-33 k, RD-33 k turbofan engine were fitted in early prototypes. MIG 29 K with two RD-33MK engine able to achieve maximum speed of 2,200 km/h with a combat range of 850 km and ferry range of 5,500 km with 3 drop tanks plus one aerial refueling but with internal fuel MIG 29 K  ferry range is 2000km. RD-33 MK turbofan engine was also engineered to reduce Infrared and optical visibility. MIG 29 k rate of climb is 330m/s. MIG 29 is able to complete 360 degree in 16 second.


MIG 29 k has 8 hardpoints in which it carries different range of armament to hit its target with a capacity upto 5,500 kg of stores. MIG 29 K has an 30 mm GSh  automatic Gryazev-Shipunov Gun with 150 rounds. MIG 29 k is equipped with different short range to long range of missile, MIG 29 k has different missile in its arsenal from anti ship . anti radiation missile and Air to Air missiles and laser guided bombs and rockets are also in its arsenal. MIG 29 k is the only ship borne fighter jet in the world who is able to fire Kh-31A supersonic anti missile.


MIG 29 K is equipped with all modern avionics. MIG 29 k is equipped with three large color liquid crystal displays, a four channel digital fly by wire flight control system and helmet mounted targeting system and ECM. MIG 29 k is also euipped with onboard oxygen generating system like the one in Tejas, continuous supply of oxygen always there for pilots at high levels. MIG 29 k is equipped with Zhuk-ME a all weather multimode airborne radar developed by NIIR for multi role combat operations, This radar is able to detect enemy destroyer from 300 km away, This radar also able to detect ten targets at the same time.MIG 29 k is also equipped with on board flight satelite navigation , communication equipment and weapon control to tackle any of enemy fighter jet or destroy or any threat by other nation forces.