MMRCA 2.0 :: Expected FIGHTER JETS for MMRCA 2.0 India 2020?

MMRCA stand for Medium Multi Role Fighter Aircraft tender to procure 126 Aircraft for IAF, whose fleet is decreasing constantly then of required 42 squadron at least , to fight two front war with China and Pakistan. MMRCA officially started in 2006 in which a total six contenders participated {Lockheed Martin F-16,Boeing F-18, Saab's Gripen, Russian MIG-35. Eurofighter Typhoon and Dassault's Rafale. In 2011 after critical analysis made IAF only Euro Typhoon and Dassault Rafale are shortlisted. In 2012 Govt announced that Dassault won the contract with lower bid, In 2014 this deal cost around $28-30 Billion Dollar, But India withdrew MMRCA tender in 2015.

But In April 2018, India Released a new Request For Information for procurement of 110 Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft with a clause of MAKE IN INDIA for Indian Airforce. MMRCA is the Single Largest Defence deal  of India whose value is $ 18 billion dollar. Indian Govt clearly state that in new MMRCA 2.0 about 82 of the aircraft should be single seat and rest can be double seat jets which can be used for fighter pilot training.  According to the RFI of MMRCA 2.0 17 fighter jets are to be delivered to AIRFORCE in flyway condition and remaining 93 fighter jets would be built in India, which will be Make In India Initiative of INDIAN GOVT.

In this Multi-billion dollar contract seven players from different countries participating, out of seven, six already participate in MMRCA 1, expect the only new entry to the MMRCA is SU-35 { Russia's most advance Fighter Aircraft}. Now IAF only test new systems on the Aircrafts of MMRCA 1.0 because every participant of MMRCA 1.0 also taking part in MMRCA 2.0 and only one Su-35 is the new entrant, SU-35 will be analyzed by IAF before issuing  RRP. USA and Russia both very aggressively lobbying to secure the multi-billion deal, During MMRCA 1.0 one interesting incident happen, SAAB one of the participant in the Deal Put advertisement on DTC bus stop in Delhi.

Let's talk about every participant of the MMRCA 2.0


F-16 is the world's most successful single engine, combat proven multi-role fighter Aircraft, more than 3000 F-16 currently in service around the world. F-16 is a single multi-role combat Aircraft used widely by 25 Airforce's around the world even India's Neighbor Pakistan using F-16. Lockheed Martin offering Block 70 of F-16 which is the most advance version. F-16 Block 70 euipped with Latest and advance APG-83 AESA radar, Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance system, Electronic warfare, Advanced data link, GPS navigation, Helmet mounted cueing system, Night vision Imaging system, New CPD enables color moving maps. F-16 block 70 as capable radars and sensor as used in 5th generation fighter F-35 and F-22 raptor.

Reasons to Select F-16 Block 70 :

  1. Strategic Advantage over Pakistan Air Force Front line F-16.
  2. Most advance Avionics and Sensors.
  3. Widely Combat proven in different Conflict Zones.
  4. Single Supply: Every part from Avionics to Armament there is single manufacturer America.
  5. Widely Used among different Airforce's so India can supply F-16 spare parts to Different which will increase India's Defence Export.
Reasons To Reject F-16 block 70 :

  1. High operating cost than other single engine Fighter Aircraft.
  2. High life cycle costs as compared to single engine Fighter Aircraft.
  3. Pakistan Using F-16 from a long time so there pilots know more about its Pros and Cons.
  4. India Also Has its own single engine 4.5+ generation Fighter Aircraft.


SAAB is one of the most desperate to make Sale of JAS-39 Gripen to India under MMRCA 2.0 since MMRCA 1.0 even they gave an advertisement on DTC Bus Stop in Delhi. Gripen is one of the most advance single engine multi-role combat fighter aircraft participating in this deal. SAAB is offering Gripen E under Make in India initiative. Gripen E is the next generation jet that has significantly improved avionics compared to previous version of Gripen. The E series is the new series of SAAB Gripen which is equipped with latest AESA radars, InfraRed search and Track system, Highly advanced electronic warfare and communication systems. But one issue came up with Gripen is that it is powered by American GE engines deliver 98Kn of thrust so holds the control of supply of spare parts for Saab Gripen, which is a major issue. Gripen E has a top Speed of Mach 2 and maximum take off weight of Saab Gripen E is 16,500kg. Gripen E is come up mix type of weapons to destroy any targets whether it is on ground or in sky with missiles or bombs.


  1. Lowest Operating Cost among the single engine fighter in world
  2. Saab offer to help in Tejas project
  3. Saab Gripen E is one the most sensor packed 4the generation fighter Aircraft in world
  4. Gripen is euipped with world best missiles like AIM-120 AMRAAM, Meteor.
  1. Gripen uses many American critical components like Engine , Missile so It make us dependent on for spare parts supply.
  2. Saab Gripen is identical India's own home grown Tejas in many aspects.
  3. Less battle proven
  4. Saab Gripen E manufacturing cost is high.


F-18 Super Hornet is the world's most lethal carrier based, advanced combat proven multi-role frontline  Supersonic all weather fighter jet. F-18 Block 3 is the latest variant of F-18 line up and being manufactured for US Navy, Same F-18 is offered to INDIA for MMRCA 2.0.Boeing F-18 is also used by the Royal Australian Air Force and Spanish Air Force, Canadian Airforce, Finnish Airforce, Kuwait, Malaysia, Spain and Switzerland. Boeing offered to build latest variant of F-18 super hornet under make in India initiative if IAF select this Aircraft. F-18 IN will have large Indian and Israeli components and weapons. F-18 has the capacity to perform different role like Fighter escort, Fleet Air Defence, Destroying Enemy Air Defence, Close Air Support and Aerial Reconnaissance.


  1. It will boost fighter jet manufacturing in India, and increase India's export of spare parts to the users of F-18 around the world.
  2. Boeing will help in development of AMCA India's own program to develop Fifth generation fighter.
  3. India's domestic Defence industry boost with the use made in India components in F-18.
  4. Buying US Product will help India to get more access to US market and Protection from US sanctions. 

  1. F-18 is better for Aircraft carrier in NAVY, then to play role in Airforce mission.
  2. F-18 is a 41 Year old Fighter and India want a Fighter which is able to give service for atleast 50 years from Now, So F-18 is not a good choice.
  3. MIG-35 is much more superior than F-18 in Many terms.
  4. USA itself phasing out these fighter jets expect some order of US Navy.


MIG-35 is a 4++ generation multi-role Air dominance fighter  with super-maneuverability equipped with modern avionics and weaponry. MIG-35 has vastly improved avionics and weapon system, new guided targeting capability, optical locator system and a modern AESA radar, and it can be upgraded with latest Indian and Israeli's Armaments and Avionics without any issue as SU-30 MKI. Since the first MMRCA tender MIG -35 has gone under dramatic changes for the better, and compare to other MMRCA 2.0 contender's Russia is more promising and trusted partner for India. But there is a problem with is that MIG-35 has not yet mass produced and also not in service with Russian Airforce. MIG-35 will give better service availability to INDIAN AIRFORCE on any given time. MIG-35 is one of the FIGHTER JET for MMRCA 2.0 who offer modern service at very cheap rate, MIG-35 one cost with all possible customization not cross $50 million which is even lower then of the single engine F-16 and SAAB GRIPEN. INDIA CAN BUY 2\3 MIG-35 AT THE COST RAFALE which India recently purchased from France for 150 million each. Russian Mig-35 is powered by two RD-33Mk afterburning turbofan engines which produce 88.3Kn thrust. MIG-35 has 9 hardpoints with the capacity carrying 6,500 kg of payload. 


  1. MIG -35 is the cheapest but 4++ generation fighter jet which can provide support to IAF main Front line Fighter SU-30 MKI and RAFLE.
  2. Russia is trusted defense supplier for India since ages.
  3. Customization benefits with Indian And Israeli systems.
  4. Dual engine fighter with lesser cost than of single engine, benefit.
  5. Cheaper operating cost about 2.5 times less then Rafale.
  6. Stealthy coating on MIG-35 for India.
  7. Integration of Brahmos by making some changing by HAL.


  1. Indian Airforce already operating MIG-29, from which MIG-35 evolved.
  2. Spare part shortage with MIG fighter jets.
  3. MIG-35 were based on 1970's era airframe with ultra modern avionics.
  4. India Recently their MiG -29 to MiG 29 UPG which 80 % similar of MIG-35 capabilities.


Sukhoi is the seventh participant in MMRCA 2.0. SU-35 is the Air superiority twin engine  heavy weight  Long range fighter jet. SU-35 is euipped with Modern AESA radars and Infra-red search and tracking capable to detect F-35 from Beyond Visual Range.SU-35s are also euipped with L-band radars in their wings, these arrays are likely better at detecting F-35. SU-35 is highly maneuverable due to its more powerful AL-41 engines , maximum speed of SU-35 is 2,400km/hr. and Enhanced Airframe.SU-35 engines are equipped with thrust vectoring nozzles, Reduced RCS, new sensor suit . SU-35 radars are able to detect its Aerial targets from 400 km as well as engage with up to eight targets simultaneously. SU-35 has 12 hardpoints  , SU-35 is able to carry 8000 kg of weaponry payload. SU-35 is one the best and most advance fighter in the world. With all modern equipment from avionics to armaments and ability to tract 5th generation fighters SU-35 on cost $83-$85 million per Aircraft. Pakistan also tried to acquire this Aircraft but due India's Influence in Russia and bad economic conditions is not able to do so.


  1. One of the Most Advance and Heavy weight fighter Aircraft in the world.
  2. IAF is familiar with this type of Russian Aircraft.
  3. SU-35 is a pure Air superiority fighter.

  1. India Already has SU-30 MKI in Huge amount and now upgrading to super Sukhoi which is similar to SU-35, so it does not make any sense for India to go for SU-35.
  2. SU-35 is not stealthy and not technically advance as Rafale.
  3. SU-35 is heavy weight Aircraft while India is looking for medium weight multirole fighter to support SU-30 MKI fleet.
  4. Due to Quality consideration.
  5. China Already has 24 SU-35 .
  6. Spare Parts Issue.


Dassault Rafale is a French twin engine, delta wing, Air superiority multi-role fighter aircraft  designed and developed by Dassault. Dassault Rafale also a contender of MMRCA 1.0 and In MMRCA 2.0 Dassault Rafale is one the strongest contender's with its advance and best in class armaments and technology. Dassault Rafale euipped with modern AESA radar, Powerful electronic warfare suite, Beyond range capabilities and Dassault Rafale also able to carry nuclear warhead. Rafale is euipped with RBE2 passive electronically scanned radar which has ability of Lock-down and Shoot-down, it can track eight targets simultaneously. Rafale has 14 Hardpoints, and ability to carry 9,500 kg of payload. Rafale had combination of different and most advance Air to Air  missiles, Air to Ground and Bombs and nuclear capabilities too. India Already purchased 36 Rafale for IAF after Cancellation of MMRCA 1.0 . Dassault is one the costly fighter jet which is stopping India to buy Rafale  in Huge quantity. Dassault already has maintenance and support facilities in India, which will decrease the cost Rafale this will increase the chance of Rafale to get this MMRCA 2.0 deal. France is one the trusted partner of India since ages.


  1. Rafale fits in the requirement of the Indian AIRFORCE.
  2. Dassault provide  Better service and good spare parts availability , and Dassault also has Naval Variants of Rafale.
  3. Rafale is a twin engine fighter with sophisticated AESA Radars.
  4. Dassault Rafale winner of MMRCA 1.0

  1. Rafale cost too much then the other Fighter Aircraft in MMRCA.
  2. India Already have Rafale with its Airforce.
  3. Dassault started work on advance version of Rafale so its not make a sense to buy Rafale now, India should wait for new Rafale.
  4. Rafale has 30 mm internal cannon as a last report, the cannon carriers only 125 rounds.


Euro Fighter Typhoon is jointly developed by UK, GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY, and SPAIN. Eurofighter Typhoon is a Twin engine, Delta wing Multi-role Air superiority  Swing role combat Super Cruising fighter Aircraft. Euro Fighter Typhoon technologies  are of combination technologies of different nations. Euro Fighter Typhoon one unit is too high $ 101 million per Aircraft. Euro Fighter Typhoon is euipped with state of art weapon system and sensor fusion, CAPTOR-E AESA radar and Euro Fighter has integrated with high number of European and US weapons. Euro Fighter Typhoon is powered by 2 Eurojet afterburning turbofan which produce 90 KN of thrust, maximum speed of Euro Fighter Typhon is 2,495 km/h. Typhoon is euipped with Air to Air missiles for BVR and short range combat. It is the combination of thrust, Maneuverability, Modern sensors and data fusion that makes the Euro fighter typhoon the superior Air warfare platform.

Euro Fighter Typhoon is too expensive than any of the fighter in this MMRCA 2.0 contract. In MMRCA Euro Fighter Typhoon is the runner up, and RAFALE come up as the winner of the contract.


  1. Gripen is equipped with Meteor & taurus KEPD 350 instead of python & Derby.


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