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Tupolev TU-160 India :: Does India Need A Russian Bomber to Counter Chinese Bomber H-6

Tupolev Tu-160 is the world's biggest and fastest strategic bomber designed by the Tupolev Design Bureau and built by Kazan Aircraft Production Association. Tu-160 took its first flight on 18 Dec 1981 and currently in service with Russian Aerospace Forces. NATO reporting name of Tu-160 is Blackjack. Tu-160 is a 2+ Mach supersonic, variable-sweep, wing heavy, strategic bomber, largest and heaviest bomber ever built only second to XB-70 Valkyrie USA {Retired}. Tu-160 is the last strategic bomber developed by the Soviet Union. About 35 aircraft were built of which only 16 are in service in Russia. Tu-160 is a strategic bomber whose main purpose is to deliver Nuclear and Conventional weapons to an enemy nation or on its targets to destroy them completely. Tu-160 has the capability to fly day and night and can be operated at all geographical and all-weather. Somewhat closest rival of Tu-160 is US B-1B but 1/4th in the size of Tu-160. Tu-160 requires a 3.5 km of solid concrete for take-o

HAL AMCA UPDATE :: India's Own Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft

                                          HAL AMCA HAL AMCA is an Indian Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft currently in the development phase. HAL AMCA Full Form is "ADVANCED MEDIUM COMBAT AIRCRAFT". HAL AMCA is designed by ADA { Aeronautical Development Agency}  while HAL { Hindustan Aeronautics Limited} will Domestically manufacture India's Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft. HAL AMCA will be a single-seat, twin-engine, Air superiority, Multi-Role, All-weather, Supermaneuverable, Stealth Combat Fighter Aircraft. HAL AMCA is designed to meet the requirements of Indian Airforce as well as the Indian Navy. HAL AMCA will be the third supersonic jet of India after HAL Marut and HAL Tejas. ADA said that the first flight of HAL AMCA is scheduled in 2025, and AMCA will enter production by 2030. HAL AMCA design phase is completed and currently it is in its second phase of development. HAL AMCA will be powered by two indigenous Kaveri Afterburning Turbofan Engine with thru

TOP 5 Fighter Jets of Indian Airforce 2020

                                           TOP 5 Fighter Jets of Indian Airforce 2020   Indian Airforce was established by British India Back in 1932 as an Subsidiary Airforce of the Royal Air Force. Indian Airforce is one of the Oldest Airforce's in the world and Fourth Largest Airforce in the world. Indian Airforce operates a Variety of Different Fighter Aircrafts from France to Russia , Recently India developed its own Indigenous Tejas Light Weight Fighter Aircraft. HAL is now working on the development of Tejas MK2 or Medium Weight Fighter Aircraft, HAL AMCA a fifth generation Fighter jet, and HAL also developing twin engine fighter to fulfill the future demands of the Indian Airforce and Indian Navy. Indian Airforce is equipped with the "TOP Fighter Aircraft" in the world. Here is the list of "India's Best Fighter Jet". Before Independence, Indian Airforce Under British Induct some U.S. and British Made Fighter Aircraft. After Independence India


 Pinaka is Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher is a Medium Range Rocket Artillery Developed by DRDO indigenously and used by Indian Army since two decades. Pinaka is name after the Lord Shiva Dhanush's name is Pinak. Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launch System is Mounted on a Tatra Truck for Mobility. Pinaka is one the lethal weapon used by Indian Army to destroy the enemies Bunkers, Air terminal locations, Artillery Position, and Neutralize  enemy position on the mountains. In modern artillery warfare Multi Barrel Rocket launcher give an upper hand over traditional artillery like Howitzer and Dhanush, in Operational mobility, Flexibility, And Accuracy. Pinaka work on "Shoot and Scoot" technique, Shoot and Scoot is a artillery tactic of firing at a target and immediately change its position or move to another location to avoid counter battery fire from enemy artillery. Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher is also battle proven, In Kargil war against Pakistan Pinaka prove itse

IAF MIG 29 Fighter Jet Crashes In Punjab's Nawanshahr, Pilot Ejects Safely

  MIG 29 multi-role fighter Aircraft of  Indian Airforce Crashed at Chuharpur village in  Nawanshahr, Punjab on Friday Morning 10.30 Am.  MIG 29 was on training mission from an Adampur Airbase Near Jalandhar.  Pilot of MIG 29 safely ejected and No Causality has been reported.  MiG 29 Pilot ejected as the MIG 29 UPG developed a technical snag after take-off due to which pilot is not able to control the Aircraft.  The Official said that the Pilot has been rescued by a Helicopter. In Recent years IAF has lost several of MiG 21 trainers and MiG 29 in crashes Due to technical snag.  A court of enquiry has been ordered to investigate the cause of accident by IAF. IAF operate three squadrons of MIG 29, each squadron contain 16-18 fighter Aircrafts. MIG 29 which was commissioned in the IAF in 1980's, primarily used for Air defense and Air Superiority Aircraft. MIG 29 Played a key role in Kargil War with Pakistan in 1999 as an escort to other jets on bombing


INDIA's state owned ship building company Hindustan Shipyard Ltd. completed the re-fitment of Kilo Class Diesel-Electric Attack submarine INS Sindhuvir and delivered to INDIAN NAVY before time. The Indian Navy will Transfer Kilo Class Submarine to Myanmar after completion of paper work of transfer of Submarine to Myanmar  by this Year. It has displacement of 3000 tones and can be euipped with different types of armaments. It can carry 52 personnel and can go to depth of 300 meters. Refitted INS Sindhuvir also euipped with Indian System. INS Sindhuvir which was bought from USSR, Commissioned back in 1988. Russia also approved this deal because of its good relation with India. India will also give training package on operating the submarine to Myanmar Navy as the part of the deal. Made In India Fighter Jets WHY MYANMAR NAVY NEED KILO CLASS SUBMARINE? Bangladesh and Myanmar are neighboring countries, Share land as well as water border too in Bay Of Bengal. Bangladesh pur