TOP 5 Fighter Jets of Indian Airforce 2020

                                           TOP 5 Fighter Jets of Indian Airforce 2020  

Indian Airforce was established by British India Back in 1932 as an Subsidiary Airforce of the Royal Air Force. Indian Airforce is one of the Oldest Airforce's in the world and Fourth Largest Airforce in the world. Indian Airforce operates a Variety of Different Fighter Aircrafts from France to Russia , Recently India developed its own Indigenous Tejas Light Weight Fighter Aircraft. HAL is now working on the development of Tejas MK2 or Medium Weight Fighter Aircraft, HAL AMCA a fifth generation Fighter jet, and HAL also developing twin engine fighter to fulfill the future demands of the Indian Airforce and Indian Navy.

Indian Airforce is equipped with the "TOP Fighter Aircraft" in the world. Here is the list of "India's Best Fighter Jet".

Before Independence, Indian Airforce Under British Induct some U.S. and British Made Fighter Aircraft. After Independence India Purchase its fighter aircraft mainly in bulk from Russia, India also purchase Fighter Jets from France too. Other then this two friendly nation, India has its own ambition to develop its fleet of fighter aircraft to reduce the dependency on other nations.

In India, only state owned companies are manufacturing Fighter jets, and there are some private firms too who supply some of the equipment or technical stuff to state owned companies. HAL { Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd} handle the work of assembly or we can say that manufacturing work is done by HAL, HAL is the one who domestically manufacture SU-30 MKI for Indian Airforce under the license from Russia, ADA is the second state owned company who plays an important role, ADA work is to design the AIRCRAFT, ADA also design TEJAS, DRDO { Defence Research and Development Organisation } is the third state owned company and it play crucial role in the manufacturing of the Fighter Aircraft because it develop Avionics, Computers, Radars etc. for India as well as for friendly nations.

Now Here We Came to The Top 5 Fighter Jets of Indian Air-Force 2020.

1. DASSAULT RAFALE - Multirole Fighter Aircraft

Rafale is a Multi-role, Twin Engine, Air superiority, Combat fighter Aircraft. Rafale is built by French Dassault Aviation. Rafale is euipped with a wide range of weapons, Dassault Rafale has 14 hard points to carry 9,500 kg external fuel, or 30 mm GIAT Auto-cannon with 125 rounds, Air-to-Air missiles, Air-to-Ground missile, Air-to-Surface missiles. Dassault Rafale is powered by Two Snecma M88-2 Turbofans, each produce 50.04kN of Thrust. Dassault Rafale Top speed is 1,912 Km/H, Combat Range of Dassault Rafale is 1,850 km at High Altitude. Rafale can also carry "NUKES".

2. Sukhoi Su-30MKI - Air Superiority Fighter

Su-30 MKI is the front line Heavy Weight fighter Aircraft of Indian Air-force and Back bone of the Indian Air-force. SU-30 MKI is a Multi-Role, Twin Engine, Air-superiority combat Aircraft  developed by Russia's Sukhoi and built by HAL { Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. } for Indian Air Force with Indian, systems and avionics as well as sub system from Israel and France, which makes as lethal as SU-35. SU-30 MKI is powered with two AL-31FP Afterburning Turbofan Engines, both engines collectively produce 123 kN of thrust. SU-30 MKI has 12 Hardpoints but it can be increased to 14 with multiple ejector racks, SU-30 MKI is euipped with a wide variety of weapons, Air-to-Air Missiles, Brahmos, Air-to-Surface, Anti-Ship missiles, Anti-Radiation missiles, Bombs, Rockets, and a 30 mm GSh autocannon.

3. DASSAULT MIRAGE 2000 - Strategic Bomber

Dassault MIRAGE 2000 is the Single Engine multi-role Fourth Generation fighter Aircraft developed by French Company Dassault and it was first commissioned in IAF back in 1985 with a new name "Vajra". Dassault Mirage 2000 is one the best fighter aircraft in the world. Dassault Mirage 2000 is the most versatile and deadliest Aircraft of the Indian Air-force, Mirage 2000 has top speed of 2,336 at High Altitude which is more than the IAF front line Fighter Aircraft SU-30 MKI, which gives the Mirage 2000 an advantage over SU-30MKI in Quick Operations. MIRAGE 2000 is also euipped with Indian systems under a upgrade done by HAL under the license from France. MIRAGE 2000 is powered by one SNECMA M53 afterburning turbofan engine which produce 64.3kN of thrust. Mirage 2000 has 9 hardpoints with a capacity of carrying 6,300 kg of payload and is euipped with Two 30 mm DEFA 554 Revolver Cannon, each with 125 rounds, Rockets, Air-to-Air missiles, Bombs, Air-to-Surface missiles.

4. MIG 29 UPG

MIG 29 is Twin Engine, Multi-Role, Maneuverable, Air-Superiority Combat Fighter Aircraft developed by Russian Mikoyan Design Bureau during 1970's and MIG 29 is inducted in IAF in 1985. MIG 29 UPG is the upgraded variant of MIG 29 Fighter Aircraft, India is one of the biggest operators of MIG 29 Fighter Aircraft. Indian MIG 29 UPG is equipped with "International Avionics Suite", Zhuk-M radar and new Enhanced RD-33 Series 3 turbofan engines. MIG 29 UPG is the fastest Fighter Jet of Indian Airforce Currently in Service, it is faster than Rafale, and SU-30 MKI too, Maximum speed of MIG 29 UPG is 2,400 km/h.  MIG 29 can carry Air-to-Air missiles , Bombs, Rockets and it provide escorts to Different Aircraft like it Did by Providing escort to Mirage 2000 in Kargil War.


HAL Tejas is a Single engine, Multi-role, Delta Wing, High maneuverable, Super-Sonic Light Weight 4 Plus Combat Fighter Aircraft designed by ADA { Aeronautical Development Agency } and developed By DRDO and Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. for Indian Airforce and A naval variant of Tejas also in its testing Phase. LCA Tejas also has Semi-Stealth capabilities due to its small size and Tejas is coated with Radar absorbing material which decreases its Radar Cross Section Area. Tejas Mk 1 A one unit cost is 310 crore. HAL Tejas integrated with modern technologies such as Relaxes Static Stability, Fly-by-wire Flight Control System, Digital Avionics, On board oxygen. HAL LCA tejas is powered by Single GE F404 IN 20 Turbofan engine which produce 90kN  of thrust. HAL Tejas has a maximum speed of 2,205 Km/h. HAL Tejas has 8 Hardpoints which has a capacity to carry GSh-23 Cannon, Rockets, Air-to-Air missiles, Air-to-Surface missiles, Air-Radiation missiles, Anti-Ship missiles, Bombs. HAL Tejas Mk 1 A is euipped with latest AESA radars.