HOW POWERFUL IS INDIAN ARMY? This question arises in everyone's mind once in life. We all love and respect our Armed Forces so much. Today in this article we will see the power of the Indian Army. Indian Amry has a wide variety of military from around the world including Russia and the USA. India is ranked number  4 in the world's powerful army ranking. Indian Military Force is the world's largest volunteer force.

Defence Budget Of Indian 2020

Defense Budget of India is $66.9 Billion announced by the Finance Minister of India Nirmala Sitharaman during the Budget session on 1 Feb 2020.

Man Power:- 

  •   Total Population of India:- 1,380,004,385 { According to the United Nation Data 2020}
  •   Total Fit For Service:- 494,249,390
  •   Total Military Personel :- 3,544,000
  •    Active Military Personel:-  1,444.000
  •    Reserve Military Personel:- 2,100,000
  •    Railway Network:- 63,974km
  •    Road Network :- 3,320,410km
 Armoured Combat Vehicles:- 

  • Tanks:- 4,292
  • Armored Vehicles:- 8,686
  • Self-Propelled Artillery:- 235
  • Towed Artillery:- 4,060
  • Rocket Projectors:- 266
Air Strength:- 

  • Total Aircraft:- 2,123
  • Fighter Aircraft:- 538
  • Attack Aircraft:- 172
  • Transport Aircraft:- 250
  • Trainer Aircraft:- 359
  • Helicopters:- 722
  • Attack Helicopter:- 23
  • Special Mission Aircraft:- 77
  • Serviceable Airports:- 346
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle:- 100+

Naval Strength:-

  • Total Ships:- 285

  • Aircraft Carriers:- 1

  • Destroyers:- 10 

  • Frigates:- 13

  • Corvettes:- 19

  • Submarines:- 16

  • Patrol Boats:- 139

  • Mine Warfare:- 3

  • Ports and Terminals:- 13

Nuclear Capabilities of INDIA:-

India has the capability of mass destruction weapons. India has not made any official statement about the size of its nuclear arsenal, recent estimates suggest that currently India has 130-140 nuclear weapons and has the ability to produce 150-200 nuclear weapons. India is a responsible nation it has a policy of "NO First Use Policy"

Land-Based Ballistic Missiles:-

  • Prithvi-1:- 150 Km Range
  • Prithvi 2:- 250-350 Km Range
  • Prithvi 3:- 350-600 Km Range
  • Agni 1:- 700 Km Range 
  • Agni 2:- 2,000-3,000 Km Range
  • Agni 3:- 3,500-5,000 Km Range
  • Agni 4:- 4000 Km Range
  • Agni 5:- 5,000-8,000 Km Range
  • Agni 6:- 8,000-12000 Km Range {Under Development}

Sea-Based Ballistic Missiles:- 

  • Dhanush:- 350 Km Range
  • Sagarika {K-15} :- 700 Km Range
  • K-4:- 3,500 Km Range { Under Development}
  • K-6:- 6,000 Km Range {Under Development} 

Air-Launched Nuclear weapons:-

SEPECAT Jaguar and Dassault Mirage 2000s of IAF are able to deliver unguided Nuclear Bombs.


Prithvi Air Defence {PAD}

Prithvi Air Defence is able to intercept incoming missiles up to 80-120 Km from the Surface. PAD is able to intercept 300-2,000 Km class of ballistic missiles. PAD is a two-stage missile Defence system.

Advanced Air Defence {AAD}

Advanced Air Defence is India's own another Anti-Ballistic Missile System developed to intercept Ballistic Missile much before then it hit its target. AAD is able to Intercept Ballistic Missile up to 150 Km Above from the surface.

Akash Mid-Range Surface To Air Missile System { SAM}

Akash Surface to Air missile system India's own designed and developed short Air Defence System. SAM has the ability to Intercept enemy Fighter Aircraft, Ballistic Missile, or cruise missiles up to 30 Km from the surface.

Mission Shakti 

 Mission shakti is an Anti-Satellite Missile Test conducted on 27 March 2019 successfully. After this successful test India enter into the elite group of nations USA, Russia, China which has the ability of Anti Satellite.

S-400 Triumf 

India signed a deal with Russia for the S-400 Triumf Air Defense Missile System worth $5.43 billion in 2018 During the visit of President Putin to India. India will get this Air Defence System by 2023. S-400 is the world's most lethal and most advanced Air Defence System. S-400 has the ability to track a fifth-generation fighter aircraft too.

Special Forces Of India 2020:-

Indian Army, Indian Airforce, and Indian Navy all three have their own Special Force Group, other then these there are Several other Special Force Group in India. Special Force Group of India are organized, Trained, Most Feared, Equipped with Modern Equipment to perform special operations.

1. Marcos

Marcos is a Marine Commando Force unit in the Indian Navy. The motto "The Few, The Fearless". It is especially Organized, Trained to perform special operations in the maritime environment. Marcos is among the world's finest and best special force groups. 

2. Para { Special Forces}

Para { Special Forces} is a special operation group of the Indian Army. The Motto "Men Apart, Every Man an Emperor". Para SF is India's largest Part of the special forces of India. Para SF is a Highly Trained Parachute Regiment of the Indian Amry. 

3. Garud Commando Force

Garud Commando Force is an elite special force group of Indian Airforce. The Motto "Defense by Offense". It was formed in 2004 to protect the Critical Airbases of the Indian Airforce. Garud Commando Force is deployed in Congo as a part of UN Peace Keeping Operations.

4. Cobra Commando

Cobra Commando is a special force of the Central Reserve Police Force. The Motto "Glory or Death".

5. National Security Guard

National Security Guard is an elite counter-terrorism group that works under the Ministry of Home Affairs directly. The Motto "Omnipresent Omnipotent Security".

6. Special Protection Group 

SPG is India's prime elite group which provides security to Prime Minister of India as well as the VVIP's in the country. The Motto "Bravery, Dedication, Security".

7. Ghatak Force

 Ghatak Force or Ghatak Commando is a part of the Infantry Platoon. Ghatak Means "killer" or "Lethal". Ghatak is similar to the Sniper Platoon or STA platoon of US Marine Corp.


India has seven paramilitary forces that work under the command of the Ministry of Home Affairs rather than of The President Of India. 

ASSAM Rifles:- 63,747 personel.

Assam Rifle is a Paramilitary force of India which is led by Indian Army officers which report to the Ministry Of Home Affairs. Assam Rifle is one of the oldest Paramilitary Force of India formed under the British Era in 1835.

Border Security Force:- 257,363 Personnel 

Border Security is the second largest paramilitary force of India. BSF is founded on 1 Dec 1965 for ensuring the border security of India. BSF termed as the First Line Of Defence Of Indian Territories. BSF is the world's largest border guarding force.

Central Industrial Security Force:- 144,418 Personnel

CISF works directly under the Ministry Of Home Affairs. CISF's main role to provide security to sensitive areas like Delhi Metro, Airports, and Sensitive Government Buildings.

Central Reserve Police Force:- 313,678 Personnel

Central Reserve Police Force is also known as CRPF in India. CRPF is India's largest paramilitary force which functions under the authority of the Ministry of Home Affairs. CRPF provides assistance to State police to maintain law and order situation in the country.

Indo-Tibetan Border Police:- 89,432 Personnel 

ITBP is deployed along the border with Tibet for border security. ITBP Personnel also Deployed in different nations under UN Peace Keeping Missions in Bosnia to Afghanistan.

National Security Gaurd:- 7,350 Personnel

The NSG is an elite counter-terrorism unit under the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs.

Sashastra Seema Bal:- 76,337 Personnel

SSB secures the Indian Border during the Peacetime.