Top 10 Important Operations of Indian Air Force

Indian Airforce established on 8 October 1932 as an auxiliary air force of the British Empire after Independence Indian Airforce got a new name "Royal Indian Air Force" but in 1950 Royal prefix was removed. After Independence, Indian Airforce fought four wars with its neighbors Pakistan and China and there are other several operations undertaken by IAF like rescue mission during a disaster or playing a crucial role in capturing Siachin Glacier and failing Pakistan Dream. 

The Indian Airforce ranks at the fourth number amongst the most powerful Air force in the world named after United States Air Force at Number one, Number Second is Russia, then China at Third position.

Indian Air Force Motto : "NABHAM SPARSHAM DEEPTAM"

Indian Airforce Logo is :

The Indian Airforce completing 88 years of service to the nation this year, and in this time, IAF has secured and protected Indian Borders and Indian Civilians on numerous occasions.  Indian Airforce Fighter planes and experienced pilots help India to perform Outstanding operations.

Indian Airforce Flag :


10. First Kashmir War 1947

After Independence, on 22 October 1947 India and Pakistan enter into War over the Princely State Jammu and Kashmir. 1947 war was the first war between two newly independent countries over Kashmir. IAF gained an edge over Pakistan with experienced pilots in the mountain environment. INDIA won the war and gained control over the 2/3rd Area of the State and the remaining 1/3rd remain with Pakistan. During this war, Royal Indian Airforce only providing close air support to Land Forces and provide transport facilities to the Indian Army. Royal Indian Airforce does not engage directly with Pakistan Airforce in the 1947 war.

9. India-Pakistan War 1971 for Independence Of Bangladesh

In the freedom of Bangladesh, IAF played a very crucial role, it provides close air support to the Indian Army and Mukti Bahini. PAF attack advancing Indian Army and Mukti Bahini with its four Sabre Jets, out which 2 were shot by IAF's Folland Gnats and one was damaged. IAF knows that PAF will attack its bases along with Western Pakistan { Srinagar, Ambala, etc}, to prevent from heavy losses, precaution were taken already. During the 1971 IAF destroyed 37 Pakistani Tanks in Longewala which makes it a graveyard for Pakistani Tanks, Strategic Bombing on Pakistan, Raids on Karachi oil installations, Troop support in Bangladesh, Deep penetration strikes. During 1971 war IAF destroyed 94 Pakistani Air force Aircraft. PAF pilots feared so much that they took refuge at Iranian Air Bases in concrete bunkers and refused to fly. IAF plays a critical role in the surrender of Pakistani forces "Biggest Surrender In The History Of War" more than 93000 Pak troops surrendered to India.

8. Operation Meghdoot 1984

Siachin Glacier is the Highest battle Ground in the World. On 12 April 1984, Operation Meghdoot Launched to support the Indian Army to capture the Siachen Glacier in Northern Ladakh by Indian Air Force. Indian Amry Kumaon Regiment participated in this mission while Ladakh Scouts supported them. Siachin Glacier is referred to as the World's Third Pole after North and South Poles. Indian Airforce operates helicopters above the limits set by the Manufacturers. Currently, the Indian Army controls all of the 70 Km long glacier as well as the main passes of the Saltoro Ridge, Sia La, Bilafond La, and Gyong La. Operation Meghdoot proves the high mountain capabilities of Indian Amry and Indian Airforce.

7. Operation Poomalai { Eagle Mission 1987 } 

During the Civil War in Sri Lanka between Sri Lankan Army And LTTE { Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eeleam}, On 4 June 1987, IAF's five An-32s loaded with relief supplies take off from Banglore Airport escorted by Mirage 2000s to drop supplies over Jaffna on Humanitarian Grounds to Aid civilians who trapped in the civil war. Mirage 2000s were armed with Matra Magic 2 AAM's as a precaution if Sri Lankan Airforce Retaliate. In 1987, IAF conducted second OPERATION PAWAN in Srilanka. Operation Pawan was initiated to support the INDIAN PEACEKEEPING FORCE in Srilanka, about 1,00,000 troops {Troops from Indian Army and Para Military Forces} transported to Srilanka.

6. Operation Safed Sagar { Kargil War 1999}
Operation Safed Sagar was the first time when  IAF's Mirage 2000 Aircraft carried out Ground on Pakistani Forces at 32,000 feet to Support the Indian Ground Forces in capturing crucial Tiger Hill.  This was the first time when Indian Airforce Airpower used on a large scale, After the 1971 war between India-Pakistan. Indian Airforce carried out nearly 5000 sorties of all types of operation over 49 days of the war. No doubt that this conflict was a milestone in The History Of Indian Airforce which helps Indian Ground Forces to capture area back and Plays a crucial role in the Victory of Kargil War.

5. Atlantique Incident 1999

After the Kargil war, On 10 august 1999, a Maritime Patrol Aircraft {Breguet Atlantic} of the Pakistani Navy carrying 16 personnel on board was on the Surveillance mission stated by Pakistan Information minister Mushahid Hussein violated Indian Air Space, shot down by IAF's MIG-21 over the Rann of Kutch area. Later Pakistan went to International Court for compensation but International Court Dismissed the case, ruling that the Court had no jurisdiction in the matter.

Not Only Combat Operation Conducted by IAF, but IAF also Played Crucial Role in Rescue operation in India as well as in Friendly Nations.

4. Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004 { Operation Sea Wave }

On 26 December 2004, an Earthquake of 9.1 Magnitude took place undersea near Sumatra, Indonesia. The earthquake had huge power that produced huge waves all over the Indian Ocean up to 30m High waves. Indian Ocean Tsunami was huge that it hit 14 countries, Killing more than 2,25,000 people and is registered as one of the world's deadliest natural disasters.  IAF launched Operation Sea Wave, Under this mission, IAF started its operation of rescue and relief in Tsunami Affected Areas, not only this IAF launched two other operations during this Tsunami to provide Assistance to our Friendly Island Nations for Srilanka {Operation Rainbow} and for Maldive { Operation Castor}. Indonesia also get help support from India. India played a very crucial role as Big Brother to the small nation in the Indian Ocean during the Centuries Deadliest Tsunami 2004.

IAF also performed some relief operation to perform its duty towards Nation civilians :
  •  Operation Maitri 2015 { Nepal Earthquake}
  •  Kashmir Earthquake 2005
  •  Cyclone Nargis, Myanmar
  •  Operation Rahat 2013 { Uttarakhand Floods}
  •  Operation Karuna 2018
  •  Aman Cyclone 2020 


3. Operation Cactus 1988

Operation Cactus is India's mission to save the Maldive's Government. In this Operation Indian Army Paratroopers, Indian Airforce, Indian Navy all three participated. Operation Cactus started on 3 Nov 1988 when IAF II-76 Aircraft airlifted Paratroopers and flew non stop 2000 km from India to Male International Airport. IAF had done this job secretly and Operation Cactus is written in Golden Words in Indian Armed Forces. Operation Cactus is a successful mission and Maldive Govt restored by Indian Armed Forces and no casualty registered on the Indian side.
2. Operation Sanjeevani

The operation was Launched this year 2020 to provide essential supplies to Maldive under this COVID-19 pandemic. IAF airlifted 6.2 tonnes of essential medical and hospital equipment in C-130  Hercules Transport Aircraft and delivered it to Male under Operation Sanjeevani. IAF played a crucial role in this operation, IAF launched an 18-hour operation to help our neighboring country Maldive.

1. Balakot Airstrike 2019

On 26 February IAF's Mirage 2000s Fighter crossed Line of Control in Kashmir Region and dropped bombs in Balakot which is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. IAF has done this Airstrike to destroy the terrorist camps of JeM {Jaish-e-Mohammed} and return safely in the Indian Territory. India has done in the response of the Pulwama Terror Attack. Next day Pakistan Airforce retaliated in response but PAF is not able to cross LOC like India did one day before, In retaliation, PAF ended up losing one F-16 and India also lost MIG-21 fighter aircraft and Pilot Abhinandan ejected safely but landed in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.