INS DHRUV : India Commissioned its First Nuclear Missile Tracking Ship

India has finally inducted its First Nuclear Missile Tracking Ship into the Indian Navy. INS Dhruv is the first Indian Navy vessel that is capable of tracking nuclear missiles at a long-range, which makes it useful to provide early warning of attacks by ballistic missiles launched from Pakistan and China. INS Dhruv is built by Hindustan Shipyard in collaboration with Defence Research and Development Organisation {DRDO} and National Technical Research Organisation {NTRO}. "INS Dhruv Commissioned in Indian on 10 Sept 2021 by NSA Ajit Doval at Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh", India successfully joins the elite group of nations that have Nuclear Missile Tracking Ship in their Navy. 

INS Dhruv is a 10,000-tonne vessel  { The INS Dhruv ships is also known by the code designation VC-11184} and would play a key role in advancing Indian Navy presence in the Indo-Pacific region, can attain a high speed of 21 knots and it is powered by two imported 9,000 kilowatts. The main purpose to develop INS Dhruv is to provide support to India's strategic weapons and the Indian Ballistic Missile Defence programme. INS Dhruv is not only track Ballistic missile but it can also gather electronic intelligence and track the enemy satellite. INS Dhruv will be operated under Strategic Forces Command and based in Eastern Naval Command of Indian Navy.

INS Dhruv is equipped with a state-of-the-art DRDO developed primary X-band and secondary S-band AESA radar which will enable it to scan various spectrums and monitor spy satellites watching over India. INS Dhruv is also equipped with the capability of mapping ocean beds for research and detection of enemy submarines, INS Dhruv by mapping the Indian Ocean bed will help the Indian Navy to plan better military operations in all three dimensions- on sub surface, surface, and aerial. INS Dhruv will also help in monitoring flight trajectories and telemetry data of the Agni land-based missiles and "K" series of submarine-launched ballistic missiles launched by India. INS Dhruv carry a crew of 300 personnel and it also carry a single helicopter also.